What has ADDICTION Cost You?

1. Do you want to make this Ramadan DIFFERENT?
2. Have you said to yourself, "Next Ramadan will be Better"?
3. Are you TIRED of ADDICTIONS undermining your Ramadan?

Sound familiar? 

Salaam! I'm Nasir and I know exactly how you feel! I've devoted much of my personal and professional career to understanding and helping people with addictions! 

  • Imagine controlling the urge to smoke, drink alcohol, watch porn or engage in validation seeking behavior! 
  • Imagine being able to be fully present with your children and loved ones! 
  • Imagine your life without feelings of shame and guilt!
  • Imagine not questioning your worth!


Have you ever wanted to control urges instead of urges controling you?

1. In this interactive 8-week course you will learn core cognitive and behavioral strategies to help you overcome substance and behavior addictions, such as smoking, drinking, porn, and excessive social media and gaming. 

2. Additionally, you will be equipped with tools to effectively overcome low self-esteem, as incessant questioning of self-worth and addictive habits often sabotage your relationship with self, others and life!


“I have to thank you Nasir, I would never have this courage if it wasn't for you helping me to see my worth and value.”

Basma, Client

“You actually understand. You are amazing and thank you. I'm booking you for three more sessions now.”

Fatima, Client

Start Your RECOVERY Journey From Home

  • Individualized Recovery Plan

  • 8 Coaching Sessions [$340 Value]

  • 8 Weekly Email Check-ins [2 mths]

  • 8 + Hours of Live Video Instruction

  • 5 + Modules of Instruction

  • 30 Day Follow-up Session [$85 Value]

  • Community Q&A Platform

  • Private Facebook Group Access

The Skills You Gain

  • How to Set a Strategic Quit Date.

  • How to Rebuild Damaged Relationships.

  • How to Build a Sustainable Recovery Plan.

  • Skills for Identifying and Modifying Unhelpful Beliefs.

  • Techniques for greater Emotional and Behavioral control.

  • The Difference between a Lapse and Relapse and how to handle both.

  • Worksheets and Techniques for Understanding and Sustaining Recovery.

“I passed the drug test and I have a great job now. I'm just in a really good place in my life. Thank you. I can't tell you how much you helped me.”

Ahmad, Client

Payment Options & Discounts

(1) Group Discounts are available:

  • Group Size of 2 = 10%
  • Group Size of 3-4 = 15%
  • Group Size of 5-9 = 20%
  • Group Size of 10+ = 25% 

(2) Single Mother's Discount

  • Fill out Contact Us form

(3) Installment Plans 

  • 2 Installments of $199
  • 3 Installments of $133

To access your group discount, single mother discount or installment plan, click on the Contact Us link and fill out the form to have a member contact you.