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Teacher Resiliency: From the Stress-Burnout Relationship to Thriving In and Outside the Classroom

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“Studies indicate that approximately 60-70% of teachers show stress symptoms, and about 30% of them have burnout symptoms.”

Teaching is a rewarding, yet often a stressful experience.  As an educator, have you experienced these teaching-related stressors?  

  • Conflicts with administration.
  • Dealing with negative colleagues.
  • Classroom management challenges.
  • Demoralizing management practices.
  • Inadequate salaries or reimbursement.
  • Absentee and/or Confrontational parents.
  • Unmotivated and/or disruptive student behavior.
  • Ill-informed operational changes within the school.
  • Inadequate Administrative communication and leadership.
  • Inadequate teacher training and insufficient school equipment.
  • Unreasonable time and workload demands (lesson planning, grading, duties).
  • Administrative insensitivity: insufficient support in addressing student misconduct.

“Negative consequences of teacher stress have been found on teacher mental health, low work productivity and have resulted in what some have described as a national epidemic of teacher departures.”

Are you experiencing some of the negative effects of teacher stress?  

  • Less job satisfaction
  • Low work productivity.
  • Decreasing work-life balance.
  • Lowered moral and motivation.
  • Low self-esteem and confidence.
  • Feeling overwhelmed or burnt-out. 
  • Reduced communication and cooperation.
  • Absent more often from work (absenteeism).
  • Loss of composure with students and/or parents.
  • Difficulty relaxing, irritable and/or over-reactive.
  • Adverse physiological changes (such as increased heart rate).

“When compared with other professions, teachers report one of the highest levels of occupational stress.”

Have you found yourself emotionally exhausted and thought one or two of the following?   

  • “I shouldn’t have to work so hard.”
  • “Students should always be respectful.”
  • “Students say things that make me feel bad.”
  • “I must be in total control of my class at all times.”
  • “I find it too difficult to balance my work and home demands.”
  • “I feel like a failure when I haven’t “gotten through” to a class.”
  • “I must reach every child and if I don’t it means I’m a bad teacher.”
  • “Events in my classroom should always go exactly the way I want them to.”
  • “I can’t stand it when I put all my energy in a student or class and get no results.”
  • “I can’t stand it when I am not consulted about a decision, which affects my teaching.”
  • “One thing I find totally bad is the lack of communication between teachers and administration.”
  • “Without good teacher-administrator communication and support, schools are the terrible places to work.”
  • “I must be fully prepared when the Principal arrives for an observation, and it would be terrible if I’m not.” 

If you find yourself emotionally exhausted and the above thoughts sound familiar, then this course is for you!

Course Background:
Within a school setting, educators, both teachers and administrators, are faced with a myriad of work-related stressors that require resiliency.  Every educator has the ability to be resilient when presented with daily stressors. This course offers educators a modality for enhancing 
Teacher Resiliency, in order to help teachers and administrators maintain composure and respond effectively to disruptive student behavior, confrontational parents, problematic teacher-administrator communication and other work-related stressors.

What you will learn:    

  • The mediating role of beliefs.
  • Emotional self-management strategies.
  • A mindset for reducing teacher stress and burnout.
  • Skills for identifying and modifying unhelpful beliefs.
  • Techniques for greater emotional and behavioral control.
  • How to remain composed when dealing with challenging students.
  • How to enhance Resiliency, Self-acceptance, and Frustration tolerance.
  • And much more…

Course Modules: 
Module 1 – Identifying the Issue
Module 2 – Building Motivation: The Stress-Burnout Relationship
Module 3 – Foundations: Essential Principles for Understanding & Control
Module 4 – Alignment: Essential Strategies & Techniques
Module 5 – Adjustments  

Your instructor will answer your questions and support you as you learn with weekly Office Hours, which will complement the weekly pre-recorded lessons.

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"I really benefited. It all resonated with me. You really helped me beyond the classroom. This helped me in my personal life as well." -Participant 

"Inspired me to rethink what my beliefs and goals are and how to rethink what my actions should be in certain situations." -Participant

"This is a training new teachers should receive.  It is beneficial for all teachers inside and outside the classroom." -Participant

"Thank you! You reminded me that I need to renew my goals! -Participant

"Very engaging providing daily positive strategies and tools." -Participant

"Amazing!" -Participant

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Nasir Al-Amin, M.S.W


I received my undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Psychology, and obtained my graduate degree, a Masters of Social Work (MSW), from Columbia University. Over the course of my academic and professional career, spanning over 15 years, I have gained a rich experience working at the United Nations, a Domestic Violence Shelter, a Mentorship program for inner-city youth, a Transitional Living Center and Drop-In Shelter for the homeless, as well as counseling within the education system.

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    Additional Resources: Research Articles

    • Article - Teacher Beliefs and Stress

    • Article - REBT to Help Teachers Control Their Emotions

    • Article - The Role of Stressors and Prediction of Teachers' Stress

    • Article - REBT as an Intervention for Schools, Teachers and Students

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