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This private 6-week online course is designed to help men and women learn how to conquer their fear of being alone and their dire need for love so they can not only heal, but also enjoy a loving and fulfilling relationship  with self, others and life.

Are you ready to  heal and bounce back  from the emotional prison of fear and depression, and position yourself for the  healthy relationship you desire?

Nadia’s Story
Nadia, a thirty-year-old Muslim woman, has been in an ongoing relationship for the past 5 years. She has kept her relationship a secret from both her family and faith-community, as she maintained, “it would bring shame on my family, and they would be so disappointed in me.” Although she wants to eventually marry her partner, she acknowledges that there are a number of challenges with the relationship, which she conveyed: “He neglects me when I cry, he does nothing… literally nothing,” “I’m tired of his smoking, I use to do these things, but I stopped.  If he is going to be my husband, he should lead me in the right direction.  I found a bottle of vodka in his gym bag, but he said his friend left it in his car. He thinks I’m stupid,” “My friend saw his profile on a dating-site. He denied it, but it’s like I can’t trust him.” 

Nadia acknowledges that these issues have caused them to briefly break-up a few times over the years. However, despite her educational and professional accomplishments, and her ability to financially care for herself, the prospect of being single was terrifying to her. She convinced herself that if she left him, no one would want to marry her and she would spend her life alone.

Through a number of counseling sessions, we discovered that her sense of terror, her fear of being alone, was underpinned by a number of unhelpful beliefs, “I’m not getting any younger, no one will want to marry me. Culturally, I’m too old,” “Why would anyone want me, after I tell them about my past relationships? At least he accepts my past,” “I should be further in my life. I shouldn’t be alone at this point. I should have a family like my sisters and friends. Everyone else has a husband and kids. Everyone else is so happy,” “I feel trapped!”

The Cost of "The Fear" & "The Dire Need"  

  • Fearful and Hopeless about the Future
  • Consistently Settling for Unsuitable Partners
  • Overwhelmed by a Need for Approval & Love
  • Developing Self-Destructive Habits & Addictions
  • Trapped in an Unfulfilling or Abusive Relationship
  • Remaining Terrified by the Prospect of Being Alone
  • Lowered Satisfaction with Life & Work Performance
  • Harmful Effect on Your Health & Overall Quality of Life

The Benefit of Changing 

  • Relief from the Worry of Being Single
  • Learning the Transferable Skill of Letting Go
  • Improved Satisfaction with Life & Work Performance
  • Breaking the Cycle of Settling for Unsuitable Relationships 
  • Effectively Dealing with the Discomfort of Not Being Married
  • Establishing Constructive Beliefs and Attitudes about the Future
  • Cultivating a Healthy Desire for Marriage-Void of Desperately Needing It
  • Developing Unconditional Acceptance for Self, Others and Life Conditions

Course Preview:
This private 6-week online course delivers a cognitive behavioral approach to overcoming the fear of being alone, the dire need for love and the many self-destructive beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that accompany them. The following is a preview of what this course will teach you:

  • Wanting a Partner Without Needing One
  • Overcoming the Influences of the Past
  • Conquering the Fear of Leaving & Being Alone
  • Understanding the Thinking Feeling Connection
  • Understanding the Essential Truths of Emotions
  • Overcoming Hurt, Hopelessness & Worthlessness
  • Understanding Self-Defeating Beliefs & Emotions
  • New Beginnings: Reclaiming Your Focus and Life
  • Handling Thoughts of Your Ex & Rebound Relationships
  • Getting Mobilized: Effectively Letting Go & Moving On

Investment Packages: Invest in your healing, you do not have to go through it alone! 

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Basic Package
Price: $120
Additional Support:
-Weekly Online Office Hours
-Free: Post Course Private Session (30 min.) {$32 value}

*Monthly Installment Plans are available upon request. 

Premium Package
Price: $175
Additional Support:
-Weekly Online Office Hours
-Free: 1- Email Exchange {$35 value}
-Free: Pre and Post Course Private Sessions (30 min. each) {$65 value}
-5% Discount on any Private Session Bundle Package {$18 value}

*Monthly Installment Plans are available upon request. 

Gold Package
Price: $225
Additional Support:
-Weekly Online Office Hours
-Free: 2- Email Exchange {$70 value} or Additional Private Session {$65 value}
-Free: Pre and Post Course Private Sessions (1 hour each) {$130 value}
-5% Discount on any Private Session Bundle Package {$18 value}

*Monthly Installment Plans are available upon request. 

Exclusive Package
Price: $325
Additional Support:

-Daily Check-ins, Support & Motivation (Whatsapp, Viber, FaceTime)  
-Weekly Online Office Hours & 6 Additional 15 min. Exclusive Recap Sessions
-Free: 3- Email Exchange {$105 value} or 2 Additional Private Sessions {$130 value}
-Free: Pre and Post Course Private Sessions (1 hour each) {$130 value}
-5% Discount on any Private Session Bundle Package {$18 value}

*Monthly Installment Plans are available upon request. 

*Elite Package
Divorced women with children and widows are eligible for a 25% discount on the Basic Package. However, this is for a select number of spaces. If you fit this criteria and need this discount then submit your information using the contact me page on my site:

Nasir Al-Amin, M.S.W


I received my undergraduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Psychology, and obtained my graduate degree, a Masters of Social Work (MSW), from Columbia University. Over the course of my academic and professional career, spanning over 15 years, I have gained a rich experience working at the United Nations, a Domestic Violence Shelter, a Mentorship program for inner-city youth, a Transitional Living Center and Drop-In Shelter for the homeless, as well as counseling within the education system.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to "The Fear of Being Alone & The Dire Need for Love" Course!

    • Welcoming Message!

  • 2

    Module 1: Establishing Emotional Responsibility

    • Module 1-Establishing Emotional Responsiblity (Part 1)

    • Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

    • Handout - Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

    • Example of a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

    • Handout - Example of a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

    • Values & Goals Clarification

    • Handout - Example of Values & Goals Clarification

    • Mindset (Part 1)

    • Mindset (Part 2) - The Fear & Dire Need

    • The Inner Critic

    • Module 1 - Essential Principles (Part 2)

    • Module 1-Essential Principles (Part 3) - The Fear & Dire Need

    • Module 1 - Reflection - The Issue

    • Module 1 - Micro-Assignment - Learning Pulse

    • Course Handout - Micro-Assignment - Learning Pulse

  • 3

    Daily Exercises - Where growth happens!

    • Exercise - Challenging My Unhelpful Ideas

    • Handout - Example of Challenging My Unhelpful Ideas

    • Handout - Are Your Emotions Helping or Hurting You

    • Handout - Thinking Log Technique

    • Handout - Give Yourself Credit Technique

  • 4

    Module 2: The Essentials

    • Module 2 - 7 Essential Truths & The ABC Model

    • Handout - 7 Essentials & The ABC Model

    • Module 2 - Personal Catastrophe Scale {Technique}

    • Handout - Personal Catastrophe Scale

  • 5

    Appendix - Supplementary material and handouts

    • Handout - HELP Technique

    • Handout - Healthy & Unhealthy Negative Emotions

    • Handout - The Power of Choice

    • Handout - Interpretations and Evaluations {Worksheet}

    • Handout - Finding the ABC's {Worksheet}

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